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Do I have OCD?

Self Evaluations Introduce Bias

Seattle OCD Do I Have OCD

The first step in addressing your OCD is knowing you have OCD. People go years without seeking treatment because they are not sure if they have it. The first step many people take is to complete one of the myriad of online self evaluations. The test is generally 18-20 questions in length and asks you to rank scenarios in terms of severity. While informative, these tests inevitably leave the test taker wanting. There are two good reasons for this. Firstly, only a qualified therapist can tease out hidden OCD patterns, identify discrepancies in responses that are indicative of OCD, or discern OCD from many other disorders. Secondly, it is very hard for people to accurately talk about their disorders. They may have been living with them so long that they can’t actually perceive their disorder. People with OCD have been known to be late for an appointment and insist that they have their OCD under control, only to divulge that they were late to the appointment because they were engaging in rituals they did not recognize as OCD.

People do not have to live with this ambiguity. Many therapists offer free, no obligation, initial consultations in order to determine fit. If you are asking yourself if you have OCD, you should schedule a free consultation and get pointed in the right direction. A qualified therapist can tell if you have OCD pretty quickly. Determining the extent of your OCD requires an in depth assessment. Either way, the first step is knowing if you have OCD, then you can find out which service option is best for you.