We have different service options aimed at letting you get the help you need in the way that suits you best. Whether you are looking to test whether CBT is for you, get personalized service or get treatment in a group setting we have an option for you.

Seattle OCD Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is an economical option with many benefits. Participants are exposed to the same CBT principles as those in individual therapy, but do so in a group context. Some participants really gain from seeing they are not the only ones experiencing the things they experience, warm up to sharing when they see others open up and find a source of inner strength when they find themselves encouraging other people. This option is ideal for people looking for an econominal option, those that want to test whether CBT is for them or those that want to stay with their current therapist but want to benefit from a group setting.

Seattle OCD Family Therapy

Family / Individual Therapy

Families with a member suffering from OCD have to be approached in a particular way. Both the individual and the family unit needs to be healed. During these programs we identify and modify the dysfunctional patterns that are specific to the individual but also identify and modify the patterns that arise due to the family dynamic. Treating this scenario is more complicated because there are more moving parts. Fortunately, the structure from CBT will allow the family unit to make & see progress week over week. This option is ideal for families with a member that suffers from OCD.

Seattle OCD Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a highly personalized service. During these programs we are focused on defining program goals and achieving them in a structured way. You will see steady progress week after week and eventually end the program with a set of customized skills that will help you for life. This option is ideal for people ready to bring their OCD under control so they can get back to leading the lives they want to lead.